Appointment Overview

Do you think you may be pregnant?

Please call our office as soon as you suspect that you are pregnant.  (either a missed period or positive home test).

If you are a transfer patient, we will need your records before we can make you a new patient appointment. You must contact your current clinic and complete a Records Release Request.

We typically schedule the following routine appointments for your pregnancy:

Initial OB Appointment

This appointment is in the first trimester between 8-10 weeks and will be with your provider.  This visit is a longer visit and will include an ultrasound to set a due date and confirm the heart beat, a complete medical history, draw labs, collect a urine specimen and perform a pap smear (if one is due). We will discuss optional testing for genetics.

Routine OB Appointments

  •  Every four weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every two to three weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every week until your due date
  • Twice a week once past your due date

Anatomy Ultrasound

This is completed between 19-21 weeks gestation and is a lengthy visit.  The women’s health sonographers are looking for over fifty different views of the baby to be sure all of the organs are formed correctly.  You will be emailed photos at the end for your use.  Afterwards, you will see your provider once the ultrasound is read by the radiologist

Glucose Tolerance Test/ Diabetes screen

This is completed between 26-28 weeks gestation and will be scheduled with a visit.   Instructions for this test are here.