Welcome to Pregnancy

Congratulations! We are so happy that you have chosen WOMEN Ob/Gyn as your partner for this pregnancy.  This website is a great resource for all things pregnancy. It contains important information, like what you can expect during each trimester and appointment, common pregnancy questions and concerns and information about our office and policies. This can be both an exciting and confusing time, we hope to help the process be empowering and healthy.  

Our physicians, nurse midwives, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses are all a part of the Women Ob/Gyn care team.  We value the relationships our providers have with their patients and try to have them available to each patient for their delivery.  As you might imagine, this can lead to some unexpected absences in the clinic.  We do our best to make sure the care team covering in your provider’s absence are as invested in answering your questions as your provider would be.  We appreciate you understanding that we are always looking to support people while valuing their precious time.