Hey, y’all! We at WOMEN Obstetrics & Gynecology are so excited you popped in for a visit. 

We are a group of doctors, midwives and nurse practitioners who just LOVE taking care of women through all of the reproductive stages of life. Be it the teenager with questions about puberty and emerging sexuality, the reproductive age woman dealing with the challenges of getting pregnant or trying NOT to get pregnant or who is pregnant and is loving/hating it, or the menopausal woman who is gearing up for a second lifetime left to live.

We know you probably don’t like the idea of the gynecologist (we get it, promise):

  • Starting with the waiting room with its comfy couches, charge bar and leather loungers, we want you to be comfortable.
  • The bathrooms are little cocoons of comfort, making you feel a little better about peeing in a cup or stepping on the scale.
  • The exam rooms are clean and clinical but with the personal touch of cloth gowns and Turkish towels. Does anything make you feel more naked than wearing a paper gown?

Let us be part of your healthcare team…pregnancy, menstrual disorders, menopause and well- woman care. We want you to make decisions about your health in a comfortable, supported environment and relationship.



Photos by Tec Petaja

Interior Design by Pencil & Paper Co

Artwork by Kayce Hughes