Brooke Raudry, CNM

If Brooke looks familiar to you, you may recognize her from her time as a labor and delivery nurse at St. Thomas Midtown Hospital. We were excited to have her join our practice in 2020 as a certified nurse-midwife! Brooke began her nursing career over 10 years ago. During that time, she has worked in every area of women’s health: including postpartum, well-baby nursery, high-risk antepartum, and labor and delivery.

Brooke graduated with her midwifery degree from Vanderbilt University in 2019. She has a passion for patient education- she loves empowering patients to make informed decisions so that they can be good consumers of healthcare. Of course, as a midwife, Brooke loves all things pregnancy-related, but she also enjoys working with women at all stages of life, including those who have questions about their bodies, women seeking contraception, and everything in-between.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys exploring Nashville with her high-school sweetheart (now husband), Pedro. They have an incredibly stubborn dog named Charlie who loves a good patio hang. She (Brooke, not Charlie) loves drinking good craft beer and is a self-proclaimed foodie who is always on the hunt for a great taco. She looks forward to meeting you, and welcomes your suggestions to where she can combine all of her hobbies mentioned above.